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Canton Tower Science&Technology Conference 2020


Intelligence Everywhere · Imagine Endless

Oct 13-14, 2020 Four Seasons Hotel · Guangzhou · China


About Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference

Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference is sponsored and organized by IDG World Expo Ltd., a subsidiary of IDG Asia. The conference is an upgrade from The AndroidWorld Mobile Developers Conference,and 2019 is the eighth conference. As a world-renowned professional technology event, it has been recognized by government leaders and entrepreneurs.

IDC predicts that global AI spending will reach 275.8 billion yuan by 2020, and the CAGR will exceed 50% in the five years to come. By 2020, China’s AI technology spending will reach 32.5 billion, accounting for 12% of the global total. Based on AI, IT and mobile Internet platforms, the Conference promotes domestic and foreign technology manufacturers, professionals, research institutions and enterprise users to exchange views about cutting-edge technology, and discuss business models on the technology industry chain, upgrade of smart terminals and mobile application promotion in the context of global trends and national policies. It not only provides opportunities for more professionals to explore and seek common development and win-win cooperation, but also promotes the widespread use of mobile application software and intelligent hardware in various spheres of the national economy, so as to accelerate the advent of the era of AI.



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Hugo Shong Hugo ShongCo-Chairman of IDG Capital 樊纲 樊纲北京大学汇丰商学院经济学教授,中国经济体制改革研究会副会长,国民经济研究所所长, 国家高端智库中国(深圳)综合开发研究院院长 Xun XU Xun XUCEO of BGI Group, President of BGI-Research 林倞 林倞暗物智能 CEO 周建军 周建军现任华为公司中国区副总裁,广东代表处代表 薛泉 薛泉华南理工大学电子与信息学院院长,微电子学院院长, 广东省毫米波太赫兹重点实验室主任,博士生导师, IEEE Fellow 张光南 张光南中山大学粤港澳发展研究院教授/博导、穗港澳区域发展研究所所长 丁宝玉 丁宝玉同创伟业管理合伙人、董事总经理。深圳创业投资同业公会理事 罗飞 罗飞松禾资本创始合伙人、董事长兼总经理、深圳国际仲裁院仲裁员、松禾成长关爱基金会执行理事长、深圳市第五届人大代表 Yu Zhi Yu Zhi中山大学智能工程学院教授
Ren Xianliang Ren XianliangThe vice chairperson of the Social Construction Committee of the National People’s Congress, President of China Federation of Internet Societies Mei Zhiqing Mei ZhiqingMember of Management Committee of Nanfang Media Group Editor-in-Chief of Nanfang News Network, Party Secretary and President of Southern Metropolis Daily Hu Ying Hu YingDirector of the Data Security Department of the Information Security Research Center of the China Electronics Standardization Institute Wang Xiaojie Wang XiaojieDirector of Government Affairs Service Data Administration, Baiyun District, Guangdong,Doctor of Management Han Wei Han WeiAssociate Professor, Executive Director, Competition Research Center of the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Tu Zipei Tu Zipei CEO of Data Civilization, Deputy to the 15th Guangzhou People's Congress, Member of China Info100, Information management expert,science and technology writer Pan Helin Pan HelinExecutive Dean and Professor of the Institute of Digital Economy, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Jet Deng Jet DengSenior Partner, Dentons Beijing office He Yanzhe He YanzheExpert of Personal Information Protection Task Force on Apps Liu Ying Liu YingLaw Professor of Jinan University, President of the Internet and E-Commerce Law Association of Guangdong Law Association
Gao Qinwei Gao QinweiProfessor in Public Law, Law School, Sun Yat-Sen University Lin Hongsheng Lin HongshengDeputy Chief of Case Investigation Section, Cyber Crime Division, Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department Wu Jiaosu Wu JiaosuMember of AIACAS, Research Fellow of Smale Institute of Mathematics and Computation 阑夕 阑夕知名科技自媒体,商业科普视频博主 詹东晖 詹东晖瑞为技术创始人、董事长 张海春 张海春神眸数据联合创始人兼总裁 Qi Juntong Qi JuntongFounder&CEO of EFY Intelligent Control (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. 丁强强 丁强强魔方卫星创始人兼CEO 王全伟 王全伟量子动力(FACEGOOD)创始人兼CEO 张煜 张煜普罗米修斯视觉技术董事长



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