ADG Introduction

ADG is a world-leading service platform integrating venture capital, exhibition and convention, market research, and media communication. Based on abundant international resources, it has been in the Chinese market for over 30 years, andaccumulated rich experience in Chinese and Western cultural fusion and win-win development. It enjoys sound relations with governments and boasts stable and innovative international professional team.


Events & Conferences

ADG Expo Ltd. is a world-leading professional exhibition and convention management company, covering the US, and other main countries in Europe and Asia. It holds over 100 exhibitions and conferences around the world every year, involving economy, science and technology, sports, culture and other fields. With branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc., the international market-oriented professional company has rich experience and successful cases in exhibition planning, operations management, marketing, and brand building, and is highly recognized by partners.


ADG sports

With the purpose of further integating industrial resources and improving professional service level, ADG establishes ADG Sports, to enter the market with the sports industry as its core in order to give its rich resources accumulated in sports, education and tourism systems for a long time into full play. 

By use of its unique advantages in market broadcasting services, it holds the large-scale ice and snow reality show, resident performances and a series of folk snow sports events; it is also committed to the ice-snow sports into the campus experience training and advanced education; it promotes exchanges and interactions between Chinas ice-snow industry and international ice-snow powers; it brings 300 million people to participate in ice-snow sports in all aspects; it improves te popularity and mass base of winter sports in China; moreover, it has started to prepare the sports special fund up to RMB5billionyuan in order to make a full deployment to excavate and cultivate the unicorns of the Chinese sports industry. 

ADG Sports, together with the Joint Venture established by Sports Republic, initiated and invested in Sports Republic Industry Co., Ltd. By full use of ADGs international resources, the company introduces advanced smart youth ice-snow education solutions of North Europe into China in order to promote ice-snow sports in campuses and strengthen the cooperation on sports education field between China and international ice-snow powers. 


IDG Capital

IDG Capital, founded in 1992, has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Boston, Silicon Valley, etc. As one of the earliest American venture capital companies to enter the Chinese market, IDG Capital has grown into a leader in Chinas venture capital sector, cumulatively managing assets of 200 billion yuan.

For 27 years, it has invested in nearly 900 companies in China, over 200 of which have been publicly listed or acquired.


ADG Incubation 

It is committed to providing innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises as well as foreign enterprises planning to enter the Chinese market with a full range of services, including company registration, product display, conference and exhibitions and forums, capital connection and project matchmaking, and government liaison. One-stop high-quality services help international companies settle and integrate into China, and create value for Chinas industrial development and upgrading.


About the founder 

Mr. McGovern, the founder and former chairman, is enamored with China. He has visited China over 100 times from 1980 to 2010. He has made tremendous contributions to Chinas economic development and international visibility after the reform and opening up. He has been met and commended by state leaders many times, and was named as an economic figure of the year by China Central Television (CCTV), the only foreigner with this honor so far. Mr. McGovern has been committed to charity, education and scientific progress. The MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research built with his $350 million donation has three branch centers at Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Beijing Normal University. As a world-class brain science research institution, it specializes in the study of human cognition and communication, brain disease diagnosis and treatment as well as the development of AI.