Exhibition Agenda

DAY 1(10.11)

Morning of Oct.11

Opening ceremony of the conference

Main forum:  Construction · Leader Summit of Artificial Intelligence Industrialization

Afternoon of Oct.11

Parallel Forum 1: Breakthrough · Chinese "Chip" --- Summit of Semiconductor Industry

Parallel Forum 2: Finance · Block Chain and Financial Technology Industry Conference 

Parallel Forum 3:Innovation · "Blooming Roses" --- Female CEO Session

Parallel Forum 4:Overturn ·  Future Scene of Intellige nt Travel

 Parallel Forum 5: Security · Network and Data Security Summit

Think bank closed meeting: Direction · Meeting of Senior Advisors of Guangzhou Economy / Science and Technology Industry

Evening of Oct.11

Honor·Canton Tower the Best awarding ceremony


Morning of Oct.12

Parallel Forum 6:Entrepreneurship·awarding ceremony of the 7thChina Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong · Guangzhou) & 3rdGuangzhou “Technology Innovation Cup” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Parallel Forum 7:  Culture·“Knowledge is Power” ---ContentEntrepreneurshipLecture

Parallel Forum 8:  Design · Conference of New Varieties of Intelligent Hardware

Afternoon of Oct.12 

Parallel Forum 9:   Health · Summit of Intelligent Medical Industry

Parallel Forum 10: Entertainment · Forum on Global VR/AR and Pan-entertainment Industrial Trend

Parallel Forum 11:  Capital·IDGVIEW  Investment Trend Sharing Conference

Parallel Forum 12: Forefront·Summit of Comprehensive Analysis on Future Retail Industry

Parallel Forum 13: Security·Seminar on Global Intelligent Security

Parallel Forum 14: Heavy ·TEDxSession

Evening of Oct.12 

Simultaneous activity: Charm·GuangzhouPanyuChanglongCarnival